scalable solution for large venues

iptv service

enabledware provides it's own unique iptv software application

venue is an all in one, easy to use, integrated iptv, digital signage and broadcast software application


this web-based solution brings together all digital content allowing users to upload any format and play out content instantly to any number of end points


venue’s content management elements act as a multi-functioning gatekeeper able to transparently manage the flow of digital content drawn from practically any source and to deliver it seamlessly to the play out device


venue is unique in the wide variety of content formats that it can accept, convert, combine and deliver

venue is device-agnostic and can be configured to control any IP-based receiver or display that has open API’s - these include brightsign, exterity, cisco & samsung

video upload is very quick and simple to do and automatically transcodes the media to ensure optimal delivery and compatibility with the play out receiver or smart tv

features include;

  • onboard transcoding

  • simple and powerful playout control

  • content and system scheduling

  • manage playout with any networked device

  • integration of live data feeds from any digital source

  • multi-zone playlists and quickly branded templates

  • unlimited live iptv channels across your network

  • manage meetings and events via the agenda manager

  • touch screen kiosks

  • directional wayfinding and location signage

  • multi-tenant application